As the temperature outside drops, the thermostat on your heating goes up and this combination of cold and hot will play havoc with your skin

We’re into the first week of Autumn and you may not only see changes in the weather, but changes in your skin in how it looks and feels.


As the temperature outside drops, the thermostat on your heating goes up and this combination of cold and hot will play havoc with your skin.


During the summer months our skin is less subjected to these extremes, unless we are exposed to hot sun on a daily basis and live and work in fully airconditioned buildings.


With Autumn weather, we can’t escape the cold outside and our homes and offices will most defiantly be heated. This is why we will see several changes in our skin as autumn kicks in.


-       Redness on your nose and cheeks

-       Flaky skin

-       Sensitivity 

-       Tightness

-       Dryness

-       Dull skin


This is not only due to the change in weather. As the weather changes our diet changes too, as well as our habits and the choices we make. We may choose to eat more “comfort” foods, spend less time outdoors (lack of sunshine and vitamin D, that’s for another blog as well…) stop exercising as much and possibly lead a less healthier lifestyle all round.  Pop all this into the mix and no wonder that summer glow has gone.


But no need to worry, with a few tips you’ll be back to looking like you’ve just returned from a long relaxing holiday.


It’s getting the right mix of lifestyle choices and a good skincare routine, listed below are our top tips, starting with skincare!!

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Clean - Starting with a good cleansing gel, this is the key to all great skin. Your cleansing el should be PH balanced, not harsh and strip your skin of all its natural oils but not too gentle that it does not remove dirt and excess oil. Check out our Male Cleansing Gel Offer


Prep - This is where we create a good base for glowing skin.  Using a regular face polish / exfoliator helps to remove dead and flaky skin, this is important as without this step our skin will look dull and will lead to blocked pores, spots and rough skin.


Protect - Now our skin is clean and flake free, it is ready to be hydrated, moisturised, nourished and protected.  This is the key to looking great during the autumn and winter months. A good moisturiser will protect your skin from the cold and from the drying effects of heating too.  Our Male Moisturiser is packed with nourishing and hydrating ingredients.


Maintain - The above3 step routine will ensure that your skin looks and feels great but if you feel that you need more… consider adding a drop of oil to you moisturiser (try our Tri-Action Beard, Face & Shave Oil) this is great for dry skin and will provide added protection from the cold but will not block your pores.  Alternatively, if you’d prefer a lighter option, try Humanity Cosmetics Face Mist Active, this can be applied during your morning and evening skincare routine but can also be applied throughout the day if you feel your skin needs a hydration boost.


Lifestyle - As they say, we are what we eat, so if the colder weather is making you want to cosy up with a takeaway or a sausage and bacon butty for breakfast, then this will definitely end up showing in your skin, so try to get as many healthy foods into you as possible. With the drying effects of the heat and cold, it is essential you keep hydrated by eating fruit and veg and drinking water, you don’t have to guzzle litres of water at a time, just make sure you drink small amounts regularly throughout the day. Exercise is also important, if you enjoy the gym or love running, then your all good, but most people struggle with wanting to exercise or finding the time to exercise, so try to find something you can do, from a brisk 20 min walk or an online workout, just something to get the blood pumping, something is better than nothing. As we touched on before, lack of sunshine has many effects on us, the sun is where we get most of our natural vitamin D from, this is an essential vitamin, so a good vitamin supplement taken regularly during the Autumn and winter will keep you right.  


So, there you have it, your plan to keep yourself looking and feeling great throughout autumn and winter.