The founders of Humanity Cosmetics create the vision for the brand, including the the product ranges and the key ingredients which are used and the benefits those products provide, but a little help is always welcome, especially from our panel of experts, each one bringing a different area of expertise to the table. Here is an introduction from each of our panelists.
Célia Chabeauti
Cosmetic Formulator
BA (Hons) Pharmaceutical science – My first experience working with HUMANITY COSMETICS, was in 2015 in Southern France, when I was the lead formulator working on their original Moisturiser. I have Continued to work with Humanity on their formulations, which has been a great experience as they put so much thought into their formulas and ingredients to deliver high level products. I continue to advise Humanity on their new products and formulations.
Dr Frank Dos Santos - New York
Cosmetic Physician, E.R Doctor
“I find HUMANITY’s fusion between Natural and Cosmeceutical ingredients fascinating and unique. I’ve personally tried and tested this product range and I was very impressed by the visible results. HUMANITY COSMETICS really understand male skin. They use the latest in skincare technology at its optimal and most effective percentage, for that reason, it’s my product of choice for my male clients. I’m proud to be chosen by HUMANITY to be part of their ‘Advisory Board”.
Mary Leber
Skincare Distributor USA
My own industry experience spans many decades, culminating in my Directorship at MD Skincare (Dr Dennis Gross). My own preference for results driven skincare brands which utilise natural and organic ingredients, prompted me to start my own distribution company in 2006. Humanity’s products and ethos resonate with me, and I have been working with Humanity for the past couple of years to bring their products and ethos to the US.
Dr Will McDaid - UK
Biomedical Science & Skin Cell Research
“The health of the skin is very important to me. As part of the HUMANITY COSMETIC’s ‘Advisory Panel’, I provide knowledge and Expertise on the latest developments on Biomedical Science. HUMANITY’s approach to achieving the best results, I believe, comes for their unique formulas. The creators of HUMANITY COSMETICS have respect for the ‘Natural’ but also embrace the latest in skincare discovery and Technology. This means the user gets a broad spectrum of results from one product.”