Humanity Cosmetics products have featured in GQ’s Grooming Edit several times. Find out more here….



‘A Right of Passage’

Seven years this year of developing, trials, testing, perfecting and collecting data as well as good old-fashioned hard slog, I look back at what we have achieved.

On the hardest days we questioned ‘is what we’re doing worth it?’

What kept us going was the ‘small wins’, like finding a brilliant ingredient or getting our new stock delivery.  What boosted our confidence was things like flicking through GQ to see our brand on page 218 in all its glory.  Every business owner of a male skincare brand’s dream or goal… and there we were.  

A right of passage.  Now we’re out there!

GQ is the award winning and world leading men’s magazine.  This stylish and contemporary magazine is the go-to read for men interested in Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment and for us most importantly Grooming.

To be featured in such a high profile and influential magazine is a real achievement for Humanity Cosmetics. 

This GQ Grooming Edit featured our Cleansing Gel:

Male Cleansing Gel by HUMANITY COSMETICS

HUMANITY COSMETICS is a premium male grooming brand. Responsibly sourced natural ingredients combined with the latest in skincare technology. Their Male Cleansing Gel has been specifically formulated for male skin. A natural cleansing agent that works together with seed oils and balloon vine extracts to help to nourish the skin with moisture and reduce the appearance of damage from factors such as shaving. Paraben Free.