We are threading Humanitarian work into the very fabric of our business in a very unique way


World Humanitarian Day




What does it mean to be a Human being?  We ponder over why humans are on this planet, why are we here and what our collective purpose is.  We know why bees exist, to pollinate plants and trees that give us food to eat.  We know that vultures eat carcases to stop disease from spreading. We know the big fish will eat the smaller fish and the smaller fish will eat whatever is laying on the bottom of the ocean. We all have our role to play but for some reason humans still ask this question about themselves. What is our role? Why are we on this planet?  Arrogance, ignorance and fear are the only reason I can come up with that explains why we still have no answer for this question.


Arrogance – We think we’re something special and that the natural rules of our planet don’t apply to us.


Ignorance – We are consumed with consumerism and form relationships with inanimate objects so much so that we forget where we are.


Fear – We make up elaborate stories to fill in the blanks.  So elaborate that the stories become our ‘truth’.


Instead of asking this question, I feel we need to STOP.  Look around you and instead ask, what can I do to make this a better place?


I asked myself this question at the birth of my business.  In 2014 it was all about ‘low carbon footprint’.  I thought we have passed this stage of low carbon.  We need to take this a step further.  I decided my business wasn’t only to have a low carbon footprint, so I made a promise that by brand would have a positive impact on our planet.


I asked myself, how can I blend this ethos through the warp and the weft of my business?  After 3 extensive years of research I started to understand the impact that plastic in our oceans has on eco-systems and I found a way how I can help.  My question was answered.  I named my brand HUMANITY COSMETICS which gave us our opening statement to the world.  What it means to be a human.  We are threading Humanitarian work into the very fabric of our business in a very unique way.  A way that promotes a positive impact on our planet and in turn, gives us the best results driven skincare known to Humanity.


Before you judge.  You may want to educate yourself by watching the blow short videos.




What can you do to contribute to solving this problem?