A super human that has the ability to laser focus on Quality and Perfection


Behind every fantastic brand there is a fantastic team powering through and getting the jobs done.  One such job is finding the right ingredients to formulate the perfect product for HUMANITY.  

In a world abundant with choice, one could ask, ‘Where do you start?’  I say, ‘with a super human that has the ability to laser focus on quality and perfection’… I’d like to introduce to you such a person, Co-Founder of HC, Gerald Floyd.  Gerald has worked in the fashion design industry for most of HIS career as part of the design and technical team across numerus high-street brands.  As part of the design team Gerald specialised in sourcing from all over the world.  It was no surprise to us that with Gerald's technical ability and nose for sourcing the best ingredients known to HUMANITY was the perfect job for him.



EXCLUSIVE Formulas to HUMANITY – Perfect for the needs of Male Skin.


When starting this project, we contacted many labs to formulate our products, I must say it was a learning curve.  After a number of years and research we found a lab that had the technical ability to bring our concept into fruition.  We found that most labs prefer you to use their ‘off the shelf’ formulas.  Because we had products with specific results in mind we needed to keep control of what was going into our formulas.  Gerald spends much of his time searching for ingredients that works for us, delivering results and providing customers with ‘the best product known to HUMANITY’.



-       We formulate our products without using bulking agents, fillers or synthetic silicones so you receive PURE FORMULA for maximum    effectiveness and RESULTS.

-       We use up to 98% NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients for a cleaner result.

-       Our products are MULTIFUNCTIONAL so you save money in the long run.


Gerald’s TOP 3 favourite products!

Moisturiser - Eye Restore - Tri-Action Beard, Shave, Face Oil