Striving to formulate the Best Products known to HUMANITY


Hello there.  I'd like to welcome you to HUMANITY COSMETICS.  I wanted to use this blog to introduce myself.  I'm Christopher, co-founder of HUMANITY COSMETICS.  7 years ago my partner and I set out on a mission to create the world's best 'Results Driven' skincare for men.  I can tell you, it was no easy task.  With 7 years of development to date, we can proudly stand behind our products with confidence.  

My partner and I started developing HUMANITY in 2015 being frustrated with the lack of good quality, results driven skincare for men.  This wasn't just some random stab in the dark.  I've been working in the beauty industry for many years in London as well as assisting doctors in more invasive treatments at my final stop in Covent Garden.  A male specific spa.  I noticed the shop attached to the spa was crowded in skin care geared towards women and their needs.  I often noticed mens confusion and frustration.  This is when I started to question if a high quality, results driven skincare brand would work,  or maybe I was destined to produce a skincare line for men,  after all, I've been obsessed with skincare and the science behind skin care since I was a child.

After working on male skin for a number of years I was determined to formulate the most perfect product for men on the market.  Our mindset was a little different or unusual or some may say, somewhat unconventional.  Usually businesses set aside a budget for research and development and a budget to market their product.  However, we decided to direct our resources to the development of the perfect product so we could provide our customers with the best experience possible.  I honestly believe we have achieved this.  Equipped with understanding men's needs and concerns, I started researching and developing with a skincare lab.  3 year later, trial, testing and perfecting I launched my first three products.  HUMANITY COSMETICS Male Moisturiser, Cleansing Gel and Face Polish.  These are truly 'Hero' products.  One to pack when stranded on a desert island or when in lockdown.

As a qualified Aesthetics Therapist, I am extremely excited to be a part of this business as I see physical changes in our customers skin.  Our feedback and reviews have made all the hard work worthwhile.

Come with me on our journey as we develop into our goal of becoming the new 'Brand Authority' on male skincare.  Join our exclusive members club to find out what we're up to and never miss out on offers just for members asa well as useful tips and info as we go along.  

I'll be talking about to industry experts on 'Self Image', Fashion, Aesthetics, Health Fitness and Nutrition.  All you need to know to be the best version of yourself and survive in this ever chancing world.