Gone are the days when you had to arrive at the office cleanly shaven every day, I remember those days and I hated it.  I have sensitive skin and very dark and thick stubble, so shaving every day just aggravated my skin, gave me break outs and ingrown hairs, and no matter what shaving product I used ,I just could not find a product which helped.

Whether you prefer to be clean shaven, sport a moustache, goatee, a full-on beard or have perfectly manicured stubble, Humanity Cosmetics Tri-Action oil is the one grooming product you can’t do without.

If, like myself, you chop and change how you present yourself depending on your mood, or how much effort you are willing to put into getting ready that particular morning, Humanity Cosmetics Tri-Action oil is a must have.  


For a clean comfortable shave, you need to prepare the bead, the best option is steam, this is why a traditional barber uses a hot towel compress on the face to soften the hairs. When you’re rushing to get ready in the morning, I doubt a hot towel compress would be the first thing on your mind, so what I like to do is shave after I have showered, so the steam from the shower has helped to soften my beard.  This next step is where the Tri-Action oil comes in, by massaging  the oil into the beard you are lifting the hairs, so that they are cut closer to the skin, the blend of base and essential oils further softens the beard by sealing in the moisture around each hair.  The oil also provides a silky-smooth barrier on the skin, this improves the glide of the razor and protects the skin from razor burn.  Apply a thin layer of your usual shave foam or gel over the Tri-Action oil and using hot and cold water, hot to rinse off the hairs from the blade and cold to rinse the blade before you take another stroke, as hot water softens the metal blade and cold water hardens it again, so it cuts better.

When finished, rinse your face with warm water and apply your moisturiser as usual to keep your skin hydrated.


For you guys who have a beard, moustache or stubble, you will no doubt know that your skin can become itchy and flaky, and the longer the beard the drier and coarser the hair can become.  To alleviate this and give your beard a healthy shine, the Tri-Action oil can be massaged into your beard & stubble to nourish and condition the skin and hair.


Another great advantage of the Tri-Action oil is that the nutrients in the oils are great for dry skin, so if you have generally dry skin or find that the change in seasons makes your skin feel dry, you can add a couple of drops of Tri-Action oil to your moisturiser, for added skin benefits.

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